Passive RFID Technology
5. April 2021 By qds Off

How does the RFID microchip work?

The microchip is just a little part of the transponder, but we usually call the whole thing microchip.

The term transponder is a portmanteau word mada up of ‘transmitter’ and ‘responder. This word describe how the chip works perfectly: It responds to the reader’s signal and transmits the code to it.

What is the transponder's structure?

1 Coil
2 Core
3 Microchip

The passive RFID technology ensures that the chip does not send any signals until activated by a reader.

What data is stored on the microchip?

The chip contains only a non chageable, worldwide unique 15 digit number.
The code structure shows the manufaturer if it is ICAR certified. So there can be no forgery.

No owner data is stored on the chip! This is good because the owner can change.

So it is very important that you register the chip number with your data regardless of you beeing the first owner or not.
Only then you can be identified as the pet owner.

How does the scanning work?

While the reader is held near the chip it produces an electromagnetical field. This field induces a small current
into the coil which is used to charge a condenser. The condenser is the power suply for the microchip which now sends
the number to the reader. The reader decrypts the signal and shows it on the display.