why do you need a scanner
5. April 2021 By qds Off

Why do you need a pet chip reader/scanner?

You can scan the chip number and it the number is shown on the display. A chip reader
is indispensable for vets, shelters, breeders, private and public animal wellfare organisations and private pet owners.

  • Before a chip is about to set you have to check its functionality with a reader first. After implanting the chip
    it should be checked again to be sure that the chip is in place.
  • Do you want to identify a found animal and its owner?
    If the animal has a chip and is registered you need to
    scan the chip with a reader and look up the number in a pet database.
  • Are you a breeder and want to increase your credibility? Proof that the animal is chiped with a reader.
    If you as a buyer want to make sure that the animal is chiped you need to use a reader as well.
  • If you are travelling abroad we recommend you to bring your own reader. It decreases the time needed to check your animal
    at the border.