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What should be considered while chiping?

Chiphandel.de recommends letting a vet do the injection.

The vet should note the following steps:

  1. Check with a chip reader whether the animal is already tagged with an ID chip.
  2. Check the sterility of the package.
  3. Scan the animal tag and compare the number with the one on the barcode labels.
  4. Shave the skin on the implanting place if necessary and disinfect it.
  5. Take the syringe out of the package and remove the protection cap.
  6. Place the microchip to the right position on the animal’s body (left neck side):
    Fold the skin above the left shoulder with your fingers and thumb. Insert the needle with pressure underneath
    the thumb’s nail, insert the chip and pull out the needle.
  7. Check the transponder with a reader whether the chip works correctly.
  8. Register the 15 digit tag number at a pet database (e.g. Tasso)!
    (Send the registration forms per mail, fax or register online. Fax: +49 6190 937400

When the chip should be set?

If your pet is very young you should wait until it can take an injection. This is the case when your pet can be vaccinated.
The best solution is letting the vet set the chip at the same time as the vaccination.

If you have a grown up animal which is not marked with a chip you should set the chip as soon as possible. Please don’t forget to register your pet.

Who is allowed to set the chip?

It is different from country to country. In some cases every qualified person is allowed to set the chip, in other only the vet. Please get the information from your respective authorities.
In the EU every qualified person is allowed to set the chip.

Our recommendation: Please let a vet do the injection if you are not familliar with animal identification! Many vets agree to set the chip you can buy here and bring them with you.
So you can spare your pet from suffering but also save some money.

The left neck side, where the chip is supposed to be set, is a very sensitive place wth a lot of blood vessels. So it is importatnt to let an expert do the injection.