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The second component of anmal recording – registration

It is very important that you register the chip number with your data regardless of you beeing the first owner or not.
Only then you can be identified as the pet owner.

Who is responsible for registering your pet?

You as the owner are responsible for registration! Some vets offer the registration as a service, but please ask to be sure.

When should you register your pet

Short answer: As soon as possible!

As soon as your pet gets chiped you should register it.
If you get a pet that’s already chiped please make sure to reregister it to your name.

5 good reasons to choose Tasso

  1. Tasso is the biggest pet database in Europe with over 6 000 000 registered animals. The experienced workers there provide competent help if needed.
  2. The hotline is availiable 24/7.
  3. Tasso issues search posters if needed.
  4. Tasso has the highest data safety standards: If your pet was found Tasso is the active mediator and does not provide your data to anyone until you agree.
  5. All services offered by Tasso are free of charge.

Online vs paper - What are the benefits of registering online?

  • The most obvious reason: You save the money for sending the letter.
  • Tasso saves money. The forms are sponsored by donations.
  • You and Tasso save time: Every information has to be typed in manually. This requires time during which your pet is not registered. If you register online your pet is save immediately
  • Last but not least: Registering without paper is environmentally friendly.

BUT: Better send a form rather than not registering at all.

If you order at our shop you can choose whether we should include the forms for free or not.

Please get in touch with your database if …

  • you want to register a pet the first time
  • you are the new owner of a pet.
  • your registered or unregistered pet gets lost.
  • you found your pet again.
  • your pet died.
  • you found someone else’s pet.