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Do you work in a animal wellfare organization, as a vet or at authorities which find lost animals the reader
Plus Extra is the right choice.
The reader Plus Extra can scan different standards so you can be sure that nearly every
chip within the EU can be identified.

The reader Plus Extra is suitable for you if you want to transfer the chipnumber directly to your PC after scanning.
You can connect the device via USB cable or via Bluetooth and send the number to your software so
you don’t have to type. Of course you can collect up to 1200 numbers first and send them completely to your PC.

The reader is excellent for mobile use. You can download the V8-Mobile App for your Android
device and connect your reader via Bluetooth.
The display is backlit so even under bad light conditions you can see everything.
Do you have animals with HDX ear tags? The reader Plus Extra is just perfect then.

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