RFID microchip – manufacturer code 941 – white box

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Standard microchip for animal ID

  • Size: 2 x 13mm
  • Manufacturer code 941
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The microchip

Größenvergleich Tierchip 2x13mm

  • size: 2×13 mm
  • contains you personal, world wide unique 15 digit ID code
  • ICAR (International Committee for Animal Recording) certified, complies with all EU
  • bioglass wrapped in parylene, which grows together with the animals tissue
  • shatterproof
  • works for a lifetime once set


The syringe

Tierchip Nadel
  • has a spring which guarantees easy implanting
  • the needle is extremely sharpened, so the animal does not feel much pain
  • the needle can be separated from the plastic piece of the syringe
  • the needle has an silicone dot in it which prevents the tag from sliding out unintentionally
  • Sterility of the undamaged package is guaranteed for 3 years


Accessories and

  • including 6 bar code labels per chip for documents such as passport, vaccination certificates, etc.
  • FREE registration at tasso.net (Europe’s bigggest pet database, worldwide available) online or using
    the included forms, but you can choose another database if you want (please get information from the
    database owners about fees and other conditions first)

Additional information

Weight 0,05 kg
Physical properties:

Material: Bioglas 8625, Color: transparent


134.2 KHz +- 3KHz

Chemical properties:

Waterproof according to IP68

Shock resistance:

IEC 68-2-29

Vibration resistance:

IEC 68-2-6

Thermic properties:

Storage temperature: -40°C bis +90°C,
Maximum temperature: +120°C,
Operating temperature: -25°C up to 85°C


ICAR 941
ISO 11784 and 11785
Quality norm ISO 9002


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